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  • Xuzhi company was founded in 1998. After years of development, now the company already had the mainstream business which shows in the next item.
    Except the mother company “xuzhi company”, we have other companies were built according to professional led division, intensive management framework. At present the company development direction is to professional industry chain deep direction. Thus be dedicated to research and development, design, manufacture industry professional technology of highly sophisticated products.
    Tianjin xuzhi machinery & electrical equipment co.,ltd (short as :Xuzhi company)
    (mother company)
    Tianjin xuzhi machinery &electrical equipment manufacturing co.,ltd
    (for manufacturing the flux cored wire production line and auxiliary machinery )
    Tianjin jiu ri tian technology co.,ltd
    (for the R&D and designing and trading)
    xuzhi industries co.,ltd.
    Tianjin three water import & export co.,ltd.
    (for product sales and exporting in oversea countries)

    Xuzhi company product scope:
    (1)   Flux cored wire plant project Consulting (including the new factory process design, old factories technology and equipment reform, improve the production efficiency, the new product formula design and development.)
    (2)    Flux cored wire complete line manufacturing
    (3)   Hardfacing & stainless steel etc special flux cored wire product manufacture
    (4)   Provide high quality2roll-type and 3roll-type of roller die cassette for the following types of customers:
    1)     flux cored wire manufacturer
    2)     solid wire manufacturer
    3)     rebar manufacturer
    4)     Metal products related company, such as: nail making, welding nets, wire rope, reinforcement wire, Electric wire and cable, non-ferrous metal products, etc.)
    (5)   Produce various specifications and types of wire drawing machines used in metal products processing and manufacturing
    (6)   Metal products finished product cleaning machine (such as: steel strip cleaning, machinery parts cleaning, glasses cleaning, and more complex shape metal products finished product cleaning)
    (7)   Metal products auxiliary machine manufacturing (such as: various types of pointing machine)
    (8)   Food machinery and pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing